H3K4me3 Breadth Is Linked to Cell Identity and Transcriptional Consistency

  title={H3K4me3 Breadth Is Linked to Cell Identity and Transcriptional Consistency},
  author={B{\'e}r{\'e}nice A. Benayoun and Elizabeth A Pollina and Duygu Ucar and Salah Mahmoudi and Kalpana Karra and Edith D. Wong and Keerthana Devarajan and Aaron C. Daugherty and Anshul Kundaje and Elena Mancini and Benjamin C. Hitz and Rakhi Misuriya Gupta and Thomas A Rando and Julie C. Baker and Michael P. Snyder and J. Michael Cherry and Anne Brunet},
Trimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 4 (H3K4me3) is a chromatin modification known to mark the transcription start sites of active genes. Here, we show that H3K4me3 domains that spread more broadly over genes in a given cell type preferentially mark genes that are essential for the identity and function of that cell type. Using the broadest H3K4me3 domains as a discovery tool in neural progenitor cells, we identify novel regulators of these cells. Machine learning models reveal that the… CONTINUE READING
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