H2O ice in the envelopes of OH/IR stars.

  title={H2O ice in the envelopes of OH/IR stars.},
  author={Allan W. Meyer and Roselyn G. Smith and Steven B. Charnley and Yvonne J. Pendleton},
  journal={The Astronomical journal},
  volume={115 6},
In an attempt to better understand the conditions under which molecules condense onto grains in the envelopes of evolved stars, we have searched for the presence of H2O ice in the circumstellar envelopes of several evolved (OH/IR) stars. The sample of stars observed was selected on the basis of mass-loss rates, luminosities, and outflow velocities in order to cover a range of physical conditions that might affect the amount of ice present in stellar envelopes. Despite the clear presence of H2O… CONTINUE READING

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