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H.P. Luhn : pioneer of information science : selected works

  title={H.P. Luhn : pioneer of information science : selected works},
  author={Harold Luhn and Claire K. Schultz},

A Vector Space analysis of Swedish patent claims, does decompounding help?

In the present study, a comparison between three different subsets of patent claims against an entire collection of 30,117 claims was performed in order to find similarities. A Vector Space Model was

Natural Language Query Refinement Scheme for Indic Literature Information System on Mobiles

An information system that retrieves appropriate transliterated literature documents of Marathi and Hindi languages in response to SMS queries is developed that uses Vector Space Model (VSM) to rank the documents according to similarity score.

Improving Information Retrieval Through a Global Term Weighting Scheme

A newterm weighting approach for information retrieval based on the marginal frequencies is proposed, consisting of the global count of term frequencies over the corpus of documents, while conventional term weighting schemes such as the normalized term frequency takes into account the term frequencies for particular documents.

Economic Intelligence Information and Process in Shipping Companies in Morocco: The Case of TangerMed Area

Whether information management strategy and economic intelligence exists in these types of companies, and how to exploit internal and external information of the different actors in the same business in order to prevent risks, seize opportunities and to anticipate threats is checked.

Computer Retrieval Methodology for Medicine Literature Database

With the rapid progress in science and technology, the human society advances from industrial society to post-industrial society and the dream of global information resource sharing is finally realized.

Adquisición y representación del conocimiento mediante procesamiento del lenguaje natural

Este trabajo introduce un marco para la recuperacion de informacion combinando el procesamiento del lenguaje natural y conocimiento de un dominio, abordando la totalidad del proceso de creacion,

e - Document retrieval using rough-set theory

  • A. Q. Ansari
  • Computer Science
    2011 International Conference on Image Information Processing
  • 2011
It is shown that rough-set theory characterizes new and interesting viewpoint for electronics document (e-Documents) retrievals and applicability of rough- set theory in detail is explored.

Hans Peter Luhn and Herbert M. Ohlman: Their roles in the origins of keyword-in-context-permutation automatic indexing

This article traces the origins of title derivative automatic indexing, its development and implementation, and current status and shows that credit for this invention belongs equally to Luhn and Herbert Ohlman of the System Development Corporation.


Many individuals receiving monthly compensation and pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have mental impairments that prevent them from managing their finances. VA’s