H-reflex and F-wave potentials in leg and arm muscles.

  title={H-reflex and F-wave potentials in leg and arm muscles.},
  author={Anica Ju{\vs}i{\'c} and Ranka Baraba and A Bogunovi{\'c}},
  journal={Electromyography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={35 8},
The systematic analyses of secondary muscle potentials of H-reflex and F-wave type were done in multicentric study. The examinations were carried out in healthy volunteers with 9 muscles analysed on the legs and 9 on the lower arms and hands. The H-reflex potential was found regularly in thigh muscles (vastus medialis 100%, biceps femoris 97%, semitendinosus 93%). Less frequently but still with high incidence it appeared in posterior lower leg muscles (soleus 93%, caput mediale gastrocnemii 73… CONTINUE READING
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