H∞ controller with graphical LMI region profile for gantry crane system


This paper presents investigations into the development of H∞ controller with pole clustering based on LMI techniques to control the payload positioning of INTECO 3D crane system with very minimal swing. The linear model of INTECO 3D crane system is obtained using the system identification process. Using LMI approach, the regional pole placement known as LMI region combined with design objective in H∞ controller guarantee a fast input tracking capability, precise payload positioning and very minimal sway motion. A graphical profile of the transient response of crane system with respect to pole placement is very useful in giving more flexibility to the researcher in choosing a specific LMI region. The results of the response with the controllers are presented in time domains. The performances of control schemes are examined in terms of level of input tracking capability, sway angle reduction and time response specification. Finally, the control techniques is discussed and presented.

DOI: 10.1109/SCIS-ISIS.2012.6505010

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