H Ring Spectra and Their Applications

  title={H Ring Spectra and Their Applications},
  author={Robert R. Bruner and Jon P. May and James E. McClure and Markus Steinberger},
Extended powers and H? ring spectra.- Miscellaneous applications in stable homotopy theory.- Homology operations for H? and Hn ring spectra.- The homotopy theory of H? ring spectra.- The homotopy groups of H? ring spectra.- The adams spectral sequence of H? ring spectra.- H? ring spectra via space-level homotopy theory.- Power operations in H ? d ring theories.- The mod p k-theory of QX. 

Commutative ring spectra

In this survey paper on commutative ring spectra we present some basic features of commutative ring spectra and discuss model category structures. As a first interesting class of examples of such

The mod 2 Hopf ring for connective Morava K-theory

This paper examines the mod 2 homology of the spaces in the Omega-spectrum for connective Morava K-theory, i.e., the mod 2 Hopf ring for connective Morava K-theory. A natural set of generators for

$G_\infty$-ring spectra and Moore spectra for $\beta$-rings

In this paper, we introduce the notion of $G_\infty$-ring spectra. These are globally equivariant homotopy types with a structured multiplication, giving rise to power operations on their equivariant


Many algebraic invariants are stable under suspension, for example: the homology, cohomology and stable homotopy groups of a space. To study these, it is useful to work in a “stable” category where

Strict units of commutative ring spectra

We provide computational tools to calculate the strict units of commutative ring spectra. We describe the Goerss-Hopkins-Miller spectral sequence for computing strict units of

Rings, Modules, and Algebras in Stable Homotopy Theory

Introduction Prologue: the category of ${\mathbb L}$-spectra Structured ring and module spectra The homotopy theory of $R$-modules The algebraic theory of $R$-modules $R$-ring spectra and the

Complex Cobordism and Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres

An introduction to the homotopy groups of spheres Setting up the Adams spectral sequence The classical Adams spectral sequence $BP$-theory and the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence The chromatic

The K-theory cochains of H-spaces and height 1 chromatic homotopy theory

Fix an odd prime p . Let X be a pointed space whose p -completed K-theory KU ∗ p ( X ) is an exterior algebra on a finite number of odd generators; examples include odd spheres and many H-spaces. We

Nilpotence and Descent in Stable Homotopy Theory

We study various applications of the ideas of descent and nilpotence to stable homotopy theory. In particular, we give a descent-theoretic calculation of the Picard group of topological modular forms

The Morava K-theory Hopf Ring for BP

Let K be a p-local complex-oriented hornology theory. The K-hornology of the even spaces in the Ω-spectrum for BP form a Hopf ring. In [6] Ravenel and Wilson chararacterise this Hopf ring by a purely