H E ] 1 0 Ju l 2 01 1 Formatted to JCAP style Searches for Dark Matter annihilation signatures in the Segue 1 satellite galaxy with the MAGIC-I telescope MAGIC Collaboration

  title={H E ] 1 0 Ju l 2 01 1 Formatted to JCAP style Searches for Dark Matter annihilation signatures in the Segue 1 satellite galaxy with the MAGIC-I telescope MAGIC Collaboration},
  author={Jelena Aleksic and Enrique de Alarc{\'o}n {\'A}lvarez and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and P. Antoranz and M. Asensio and Michael Backes and J. B. Marques Barrio and Denis Bastieri and Juan Becerra and Gonz{\aa}lez and Włodzimierz Andrzej Bednarek and Andrei V. Berdyugin and Kenneth I. Berger and Emmanuela Bernardini and Adrian Biland and Oscar Blanch and R. K. Bock and Andreas Boller and Giacomo Bonnoli and Daniela Borla Tridon and Ingo Braun and Thomas Bretz and A. Ca{\~n}ellas and Enrique Casta{\~n}o Carmona and Alessandro Carosi and Pierre Colin and Elisabetta Colombo and Jorgelina Lupiano Contreras and Juan Manuel Gonz{\'a}lez Cortina and L. Cossio and Stefano Covino and Francesco Dazzi and Alessandro De Angelis and Elsa de Cea del Pozo and Barbara De Lotto and C. Delgado Mendez and A. Diago Ortega and Marlene Doert and A. Domı́nguez and Dijana Dominis and Prester and Doroth{\'e}e Dorner and Michele Doro and David Elsaesser and Daniel Ferenc and M. V. Fonseca and Ll. Font and Christian Fruck and Ram{\'o}n J. Gar{\'c}ıa L{\'o}pez and Markus Garczarczyk and Danilo Garrido and Gianluca Giavitto and Nikola Godinovic and Daniela Hadasch and David Haefner and Artemio Herrero and Dorothee Hildebrand and D. H{\"o}hne-M{\"o}nch and J. Hose and Dario Hrupec and B. Huber and Tobias Jogler and Stefan Klepser and T. Kraehenbuehl and Johannes Krause and Antonio La Barbera and Damir Lelas and E Torre Cepeda Leonardo and Elina Lindfors and Simone Lombardi and Mirtha L{\'o}pez and Eric Lorenz and M. Makariev and Galina Maneva and Nijil Mankuzhiyil and Klinikum Mannheim and Laura Maraschi and Mose Mariotti and Mois{\'e}s Mart́ınez and Daniel Mazin and Miguel {\'A}ngel Mart{\'i}nez Meucci and Jorge Miguel Miranda and Razmik Mirzoyan and Hisashi Miyamoto and Javier Mold{\'o}n and Abelardo Moralejo and P. Munar-Androver and Daniel Nieto and Kari Nilsson and Reiko Orito and Igor Oya and Simona Paiano and David Paneque and Riccardo Paoletti and Salvador Pardo and Josep M. Paredes and S. U. Partini and Mikko Pasanen and Felicitas Pauss and Miguel Angel Perez-Torres and Massimo Persic and Luigi Peruzzo and Steven D. Pavelitz and Jonathan Pochon and Francisco Prada and P. G. Prada Moroni and Elisa Prandini and Ivica Puljak and Ignasi Reichardt and Riho Reinthal and Wolfgang Rhode and Marc Ribo and Javier Gonz{\'a}lez Rico and S. R{\"u}gamer and Antonio Saggion and Keisuke Saito and Tatsuhiko Saito and Marco Salvati and Konstancja Satalecka and Villi Scalzotto and Valeria Scapin and Cristina Schultz and Thomas Schweizer and Maxim Shayduk and Steven N. Shore and Atte J. Sillanp{\"a}{\"a}},
We report the results of the observation of the nearby satellite galaxy Segue 1 performed by the MAGIC-I ground-based gamma-ray telescope between November 2008 and March 2009 for a total of 43.2 hours. No significant gamma-ray emission was found above the background. Differential upper limits on the gamma-ray flux are derived assuming various power-law slopes for the possible emission spectrum. Integral upper limits are also calculated for several power-law spectra and for different energy… CONTINUE READING


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