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Häutungsphysiologie der Chilopoden: Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen an Lithobius forficatus (L.)

  title={H{\"a}utungsphysiologie der Chilopoden: Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen an Lithobius forficatus (L.)},
  author={Hans Dieter Scheffel},
Effects of an Ecdysteroid Analog (RH-0345) on the Ovarian and Testicular Components of Eupolybothrus nudicornis (Myriapoda: Chilopoda)
It is shown that ecdysteroid analog pesticides can affect the reproduction of other arthropods than insects by modifying the level of metabolites in male and female gonads.
Morphology in Chilopoda - a survey
A survey on morphological investigations in light and electron microscopy of different organs and organ systems in Chilopoda will be presented, and fundamental and partial gaps of knowledge are noticeable in almost every field/organ system reviewed.
Appendage loss and regeneration in arthropods: a comparative view
Lack of autotomy is likely to be the plesiomorphic condition in arthropods, a condition maintained in the Myriochelata (myriapods plus chelicerates) and probably close to the origin of a Malacostraca-Hexapoda clade.
Immunohistochemical evidence for ecdysteroid-like material in the putative molting glands of Lithobius forficatus (Chilopoda)
Earlier ultrastructural, experimental and biochemical in vitro investigations indicated that this tissue represents the ecdysial glands; this interpretation is now strengthened by immunohistochemical evidence.