Gynecological aspects of obstetrical delivery.

  title={Gynecological aspects of obstetrical delivery.},
  author={M. McCall},
  journal={Canadian Medical Association journal},
  • M. McCall
  • Published 1963
  • Medicine
  • Canadian Medical Association journal
Parturition should be looked upon as a physiological exercise, and ideally the multiparous state should be one of asymptomatic change associated with comfortable function. However, because obstetrics is a field in which serious complications may suddenly occur, the ideal is not always possible. Among the delayed effects of delivery is a group of gynecological complications which may affect the well-being of the woman so involved in later life. Such complications as uterine prolapse, cystocele… Expand
German S3-Guideline: Rectovaginal fistula
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The Martius flap for repair of low rectovaginal fistula : a case report
1 Center of Oncosurgery, Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University, 1 Santariskiu Str., LT-08406 Vilnius, Lithuania 2 Center of Oncosurgery, Institute of Oncology, Clinic of Internal Diseases, FamilyExpand
S3-Leitlinie: Rektovaginale Fisteln (ohne M. Crohn)
Rectovaginal fistulas represent a rare condition and most have a traumatic origin and the most important causes are childbirth trauma, local infections and interventions concerning the rectum. Expand
Gracilis muscle transposition for complex perineal fistulas and sinuses: a systematic literature review of surgical outcomes.