Gynecologic cancer screening in the transgender male population and its current challenges.

  title={Gynecologic cancer screening in the transgender male population and its current challenges.},
  author={Jharna M. Patel and Shelley N. Dolitsky and Gloria Bachman and Alexandre Buckley de Meritens},

Clinical needs for transgender men in the gynecologic oncology setting.

Creating Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Guidelines for Transgender Patients With BRCA Mutations.

This commentary summarizes screening, management, and surveillance strategies devised for cisgender patients to offer corresponding recommendations tailored for transgender BRCA mutation carriers, and highlights critical unanswered questions pertaining to the care of these patients.

Integrative review on breast cancer screening in the transgender population: what do we know?

This integrative review was to present the proposals for breast cancer screening in the transgender population, based on the literature, being searched in the Medline, PubMed, SciELO, and Lilacs databases.

“When the pain is so acute or if I think that I’m going to die”: Health care seeking behaviors and experiences of transgender and gender diverse people in an urban area

Overall, transgender men were less satisfied with care than transgender women, and responders also wanted better care coordination and insurance navigation, which can inform health care improvements for TGD people.

Alleviating gender dysphoria: A qualitative study of perspectives of trans and gender diverse people

A framework for alleviating gender dysphoria in service provision and to develop a framework for application in health and other areas that can be used by researchers and service providers to design study protocols, assess organisations and enhance everyday practice in ways that are sensitive to TGD people’s experiences is proposed.

“Every Now and Then I Get Flagged for a Pap Smear”: Gender Transition, Embodiment, and “Sex-Specific” Cancer Screenings

Originality/Value: Few medical sociologists have focused on transgender embodiment. Findings enhance our understanding of how transgender embodiment and minority stress processes influence access to

Breast Cancer and Major Deviations of Genetic and Gender-related Structures and Function.

It is hypothesized that the oncogenic glycoprotein WNT4 is the link between the genetic cause of MRKH and the absence of BC women with the MRKh syndrome.



Breast Imaging of Transgender Individuals: A Review

Although not yet evidence-based, screening mammography is currently suggested for transgender women with risk factors, including those receiving hormone treatment over 5 years, including the risk for breast cancer in transgender individuals is still being defined.

Breast Cancer Screening, Management, and a Review of Case Study Literature in Transgender Populations

Existing evidence on breast cancer incidence in transgender women and men is described, and rational recommendations regarding the screening for and approach to managing breast cancer in transgender populations are made.

Transgender Patient Screening: Breast cancer risk assessment and screening recommendations

  • D. Kiely
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Clinical journal of oncology nursing
  • 2017
The medical community must address transgender individuals' specific healthcare needs in a comprehensive and affirmative manner and identify barriers in accessing healthcare services rather than how to provide care.

Breast cancer and its impact in male transsexuals

Understanding the need for mammography in these often marginalized groups is very important in addressing breast cancer disparities despite differences in insurance coverage in some countries and greater concern for the cancer of the breast in residual breast tissue.

Cancer in Transgender People: Evidence and Methodological Considerations.

The goals of this article are to summarize the evidence on factors that may differentially affect cancer risk in transgender people, assess the relevant cancer surveillance and epidemiologic data available to date, and offer an overview of possible methodological considerations for future studies investigating cancer incidence and mortality in this population.

Breast cancer screening in transgender patients: findings from the 2014 BRFSS survey

High proportions of transgender survey respondents undergo mammography screening in the sample, proportions comparable to non-transgender survey respondents, and transgender patients were comparably likely to undergo Mammography screening compared with non- trans patients.

Human Papillomavirus-Related Cancer Surveillance, Prevention, and Screening Among Transgender Men and Women: Neglected Populations at High Risk.

Researchers and healthcare surveillance systems must clearly disaggregate data for transgender men and women from data for cisgender men and women to identify population-level health disparities and

Barriers to healthcare for transgender individuals

The purpose of this manuscript is to briefly review the literature characterizing barriers to healthcare for transgender individuals and to propose research priorities to understand mechanisms of those barriers and interventions to overcome them.