Gynandromorph analysis of the thoracic disc primordia inDrosophila melanogaster

  title={Gynandromorph analysis of the thoracic disc primordia inDrosophila melanogaster},
  author={Eric F. Wieschaus and Walter G Gehring},
  journal={Wilhelm Roux's archives of developmental biology},
Cell lineage relationships observable inDrosophila gynandromorphs have been used to locate the primordia of the individual thoracic disc relative to each other in the embryo. Three observations indicate that the borders of the individual disc primordia lie very close to each other, separated by few if any non-disc cells.First, the frequency of mosaicism within each disc indicates large primordia, of similar magnitude to the distances between the centres of adjacent primordia.Second, very few XX… CONTINUE READING
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