Guitar man: (an implementation of a rhythm game cooperative musical performance system with actual musical instruments)


This study proposes a method for learning musical instruments using computer graphics. The conventional musical instrument learning systems have been considered as simple game controllers or simple score processors. This study produced an education program for this purpose by recognizing pitches in actual musical instruments and designed this program to achieve cooperative musical performances with some other musical instruments using computer graphics. It is necessary to apply a pitch detection algorithm to play some games using actual musical instruments in which the pitch detection method can be largely classified as time and frequency domains. This study used a time domain algorithm to recognize the pitches of guitar and bass guitar among actual musical instruments. In addition, this study analyzed some midi data files in order to publish visual scores and produce background music. The midi data files include time and pitch information for each musical instrument and can be used as background music. A new algorithm was required to visually express the information using the pitch information included in the midi data. Because the scores of the guitar and bass guitar that are the types of string musical instruments should include the flat and string number, it is not possible to publish their scores only using the pitch information. Thus, this study proposes efficient fingering positions based on the pitch information in midi data. The efficient fingering positions are able to produce actual scores used in actual guitars instead of providing simple pitch information applied in the process of some games. Because music inspires delights in certain cooperative musical performances with other musical instruments, this study implemented an on-line cooperative musical performance system using an IOCP model. Each client selects some musical instruments before playing games and plays music with others.

DOI: 10.1145/1507713.1507727

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