Guinevere as Lord

  title={Guinevere as Lord},
  author={A Longley},
  pages={49 - 62}
  • A. Longley
  • Published 1 April 2015
  • Psychology
  • Arthuriana
The two most important women in Lancelot's life, Guinevere and the Lady of the Lake, are his 'female lord' and his 'female master.' Their female roles are examined in relation to the love theme and in the context of decoding female authority. 

Guenevere Burning

Reading for Guenevere's desires within both historical and theoretical frameworks can reawaken the pleasures of Malory's Morte Darthur for feminist critics.

The Death of Guinevere

Malory provocatively follows the Grail quest with a story connected to another spiritual tale of Christian knighthood, but one that focuses on a woman. While Malory’s version of the “Poisoned Apple”

The king at Kaamelott

French TV‘s M6 aired a ground-breaking television advance, known as Kaamelott, from 2005 to 2009, derived from a long tradition of Arthurian narrative form and a long tradition of that form‘s

The Arthurian Cycle as a Cross-Cultural Matter

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Could Guinevere ever be a superhero? Depictions of a warrior queen in Camelot 3000 (1982–1985)

ABSTRACT Camelot 3000, one of Arthuriana’s most influential comic series, has reimagined Queen Guinevere as a heroic warrior who attempts to atone for previous transgressions by slipping on a



Gender and the Grail

Earlier images of Arthurian women emerge in new configurations in Malory's version of the Grail Quest. Perceval's sister, a guide and helper to the knights, ends in a self-chosen, bloody sacrifice.

The Master and Minerva: Disputing Women in French Medieval Culture

Can words do damage? For medieval culture, the answer was unambiguously yes. And as Helen Solterer contends, in French medieval culture the representation of women exemplified the use of injurious

Aristocratic Women in Medieval France

Preface Introduction --Kimberly A. LoPrete Theodore Evergates 1. Adela of Blois: Familial Alliances and Female Lordship --Kimberly A. LoPrete 2. Aristocratic Women in the Chartrain --Amy Livingstone

Shaping Romance: Interpretation, Truth, and Closure in Twelfth-Century French Fictions

Examines a set of five twelfth-century romance texts-complete and fragmentary, canonical and now neglected, long and short-to map out the characteristics and boundaries of the genre in its formative

Knights at Court: Courtliness, Chivalry, and Courtesy from Ottonian Germany to the Italian Renaissance

"Knights at Court" is a grand tour and survey of manners, manhood, and court life in the Middle Ages, like no other in print. Composed on an epic canvas, this authoritative work traces the

Lancelot : roman en prose du XIIIe siècle

"Qu'on ne soit pas trop surpris, si au mepris de l'ordre attendu, nous commencons la publication du Lancelot (qu'il est inutile d'intituler le Lancelot en prose, puisque le roman de Chretien de

Medievalism and the modernist temper

"While modernists are currently so mired in the question of who did what to whom during World War II that they have lost a sense of intellectual urgency, the study of medieval literature and culture