Guido D'Arezzo: Medieval Musician and Educator

  title={Guido D'Arezzo: Medieval Musician and Educator},
  author={Samuel D. Miller},
  journal={Journal of Research in Music Education},
  pages={239 - 245}
  • Samuel D. Miller
  • Published 1 October 1973
  • History
  • Journal of Research in Music Education
The Church preserved ancient culture and language, recorded items worthy of mention in its daily records, and prescribed the framework wherein future growth would take place. For the Christian world, the Church instructed and passed judgment. It was the light in a dark world until, at the onset of the Renaissance, men began seeking learning and beauty through humanism and secularism. From the time of Pope Gregory I (590 to 604 A.D.) -the time of the codification of chant and liturgies and the… 

Guido of Arezzo and His Influence on Music Learning

Throughout the history of Western music, Guido of Arezzo stands out as one of the most influential theorists and pedagogues of the Middle Ages. His developments of the hexachord system, solmization

Influence of Arabian Music on Indian Musical composition:

Arabic language has an extraordinary musical rhythm and lyrical spirit. Arabian people were rich in music from Pre-Islamic period. During Islamic period the tradition of music and romance were


This study was limited to the examination of three sight-reading curricula used in the United States, including Four-Star Sight-Reading and Ear Tests by Boris Berlin, Sight Reading by Lin Ling Ling, and Improve Your Sight-reading! by Paul Harris, and to provide teachers with a collection of customized sight-read materials.

The Incidence of History of Music Education Teaching Report of a Survey

In the fall of 19P.O, the Report of the MENC Commission on Graduate Music Teacher Education was published. Among its many recommendations, the Commission stated that all master's degree students

Teaching Strategies, Knowledge, Higher-Order Thinking Skills and Creative Musical Product in Music Improvisation

Improvisation has a prevalent role in music performance practice throughout the development of Western classical music and has a significant role in the performance practice of the Baroque and

Music as Liberal Art: the Continuing Relevance of Medieval Music Pedagogy in Teacher Education

The concepts and ideas of the medieval liberal arts continue to have important relevance in modern training music teachers. The division between a theoretical knowledge about music and a practical