Guidelines for verbal presentations of medical decision analyses.


Individuals new to decision analysis often have difficulty with oral presentations of original research projects. This article provides general guidelines on how to present effectively. Points include: 1) articulating the research issue, 2) reviewing current beliefs, 3) portraying the study question, 4) listing the main assumptions, 5) presenting the base-case analysis, 6) showing sensitivity analyses, and 7) discussing the implications. The guidelines comment on what to exclude from presentation and how best to handle audience questions. The guidelines do not replace general instruction in public speaking (or rigorous training in decision analysis), but may help students present research projects effectively.

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@article{Redelmeier1997GuidelinesFV, title={Guidelines for verbal presentations of medical decision analyses.}, author={Donald A Redelmeier and Allan S. Detsky and Murray D. Krahn and David Malcolm Naimark and Gary Naglie}, journal={Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making}, year={1997}, volume={17 2}, pages={228-30} }