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Guidelines for application of deepened and broadened LCA Deliverable D 18 of work package 5 of the CALCAS project Authors

  title={Guidelines for application of deepened and broadened LCA Deliverable D 18 of work package 5 of the CALCAS project Authors},
  author={Bo Pedersen Weidema},

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Marginal effects in a dynamic system – The case of the Nordic power system. Presented to the International Workshop on Electricity Data for Life Cycle Inventories, Cincinnati, 2001.10.23-25
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  • 2001
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This work develops a library of typical gate-to-gate materials and energy requirements, as well as emissions associated with a complete set of fabrication process models used in manufacturing a modern microprocessor, and evaluates upstream energy requirements associated with chemicals and materials using both existing process life cycle assessment databases and an economic input-output model. Expand
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Eurostat Manual of Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables
  • Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.
  • 2008