Guideline on the Alternative Methods for Carcinogenicity of Pharmaceuticals

  title={Guideline on the Alternative Methods for Carcinogenicity of Pharmaceuticals},
  author={Tae Myoung Kim and Tae Jin Shim and Seung Hwan Son and Jae Myun Ryu and Hee-youl Chai and Byeongwoo Ahn and Dae Joong Kim},
The correct prediction of human risk after exposure to chemical and physical compounds has long been a major challenge. For this, the lifetime bioassay using rats and mice is routinely used. However, over the years this assay has clearly come to reveal several drawbacks; for example, large numbers of animals are used, and the assays are slow, insensitive and expensive. Therefore, there is an urgent need for alternative, more valid, carcinogenicity assays. One specific approach in finding… CONTINUE READING