GuideBoot: Guided Bootstrap for Deep Contextual Banditsin Online Advertising

  title={GuideBoot: Guided Bootstrap for Deep Contextual Banditsin Online Advertising},
  author={Feiyang Pan and Haoming Li and Xiang Ao and Wei Wang and Yanrong Kang and Ao Tan and Qingwei He},
  journal={Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021},
  • Feiyang Pan, Haoming Li, +4 authors Qingwei He
  • Published 19 April 2021
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021
The exploration/exploitation (E&E) dilemma lies at the core of interactive systems such as online advertising, for which contextual bandit algorithms have been proposed. Bayesian approaches provide guided exploration via uncertainty estimation, but the applicability is often limited due to over-simplified assumptions. Non-Bayesian bootstrap methods, on the other hand, can apply to complex problems by using deep reward models, but lack a clear guidance to the exploration behavior. It still… Expand

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