Guide to the basic concepts and techniques of spectral music

  title={Guide to the basic concepts and techniques of spectral music},
  author={J. Fineberg},
  journal={Contemporary Music Review},
  pages={113 - 81}
The music discussed in these two issues makes use of many ideas, terms and techniques which may be unfamiliar to many of its readers. I have asked the individual authors not to concentrate on these technical issues in their contributions but, rather, to emphasize the musical and aesthetic ideas being discussed. To provide the context and detail needed to properly introduce and explain this material to readers for whom it is new I have written the text which follows. This appendix is divided… Expand
Spectral Music and the Appeal to Nature
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Mimetic Instrumental Resynthesis*
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The teaching of performance
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Timelines in Spectral Composition: A cognitive approach to musical creativity
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Redefining coherence : interaction and experience in new music, 1985-1995
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The study and analysis of musical works through computational modeling and the generation of alternative instances may bring to light new interesting knowledge about the compositional processes and attitudes at their origins. Expand
Magnifying lenses : how the spectral analysis of the voice (human and animal) can be used to strengthen the connection between text and music
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The spectral music of James Tenney
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Instrumental performance in the twentieth century and beyond
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