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Guidance for the Design of Quantitative Survey-Based Evaluation

  title={Guidance for the Design of Quantitative Survey-Based Evaluation},
  author={R. Scarpa},
Survey-based evaluation aims at surveying respondents from a statistically valid sample of the population of interest in order to infer from the sample statistics the range of likely values in the broader population. The population of reference can be made up of very different elements. It can be credit institutions and borrowers in policies related to credit, it can be farmers in farming policies or the entire group of SMEs in a region for policies target to this economic context. The relevant… 
Smart specialisation, entrepreneurship and SMEs: issues and challenges for a results-oriented EU regional policy
This paper discusses the ways that European regional policy has been re-shaped in order to build on the role played by entrepreneurship in driving regional innovation. The various lines of
An investigation into the extent of alcohol advertising and sponsorship in televised sport in Ireland and whether or not it should be banned
The topic of advertising and sponsorship in sport has always been a fascinating one for me. That is why it was an easy choice to do this dissertation on. Through extensive study it was hoped that I