Guidance Implications of Dipo Rite and It’s Initiation among Manya Krobo Groups in Ghana

  title={Guidance Implications of Dipo Rite and It’s Initiation among Manya Krobo Groups in Ghana},
  author={Bernard Kissi-Abrokwah and Grace Mensah and Anontise Isaac Aboyom and Ebenezer Bamfo Aidoo},
  journal={European Journal of Development Studies},
Dipo rite is a puberty initiation practiced by the Krobo Groups in Ghana. The study describes the practice and process of Dipo rite, and its guidance implications associated with Dipo rite. This was a qualitative study underpinned by interpretative philosophical thought. The study employed case study design and data was collected using unstructured interview guide. Snowball sampling technique was used to sample the view of four (4) Dipo rite initiators and purposive sampling for the selected… 

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