Guglielmo Marconi - The father of long distance radio communication - An engineer's tribute

  title={Guglielmo Marconi - The father of long distance radio communication - An engineer's tribute},
  author={P. K. Bondyopadhyay},
  journal={1995 25th European Microwave Conference},
  • P. K. Bondyopadhyay
  • Published 1995
  • Engineering
  • 1995 25th European Microwave Conference
  • On the occasion of the centennial, Marconi's epoch making invention and discovery that made long distance wireless communication possible, are remembered. Marconi's invention of the digital modulation of the Hertzian wireless waves and the discovery of the grounded waves that could bend to the curvature of the earth overcoming hills and obstacles, inaugurated the new revolutionary age in communication in the twentieth century. Marconi's wireless apparatus that made him the world's first… CONTINUE READING
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