Guest editorial: natural resource management: contributions of system dynamics to research, policy and implementation

  title={Guest editorial: natural resource management: contributions of system dynamics to research, policy and implementation},
  author={David C. Lane and Birgit Kopainsky},
This special issue contains a series of papers in the area of System Dynamics modelling (Forrester, 1961; 1968). Perhaps System Dynamics – SD has not always been at the centre of ‘Systems Science’ in institutional terms. It is also distinctive in terms of some of its ideas: employing the framework of Richardson (1991), SD grew out of a ‘servo-mechanisms thread’ of feedback thinking, in contrast to the ‘cybernetics thread’ from which rather more systems approaches developed. However, looking… Expand
National economic benefits of circular economy policy
  • P. Teekasap
  • Economics
  • 2018 5th International Conference on Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR)
  • 2018
The economic benefits of the circular economy policy are understudied. This paper shed light on the economic benefits of a circular economy in countries without resource scarcity problem. SystemExpand


System Dynamics in Organizational Consultation: Modelling for Intervening in Organizations
The particular theme of this collection is the application of System Dynamics modelling to problems arising in organizational consulting. Expand
System dynamics: a methodological perspective
By considering the methodology of System Dynamics, the changing purpose and role of the approach are identified and issues which were previously seen as sources of conflict may now be re-interpreted as examples of confusion caused by different views of what problems the discipline tackles. Expand
Feedback Thought in Social Science and Systems Theory
This is a study of a method of thinking in the social sciences known as the loop concept. This concept underlies the notions of feedback and circular causality. After tracing its historical roots,Expand
From Metaphor to Practice: Operationalizing the Analysis of Resilience Using System Dynamics Modelling
This paper operationalizes an analysis of resilience for social-ecological systems using system dynamics (SD) modelling. Resilience is a versatile concept that continues to gain popularity amongExpand
With a little help from our friends: How system dynamics and soft OR can learn from each other
It is argued that a dialogue between the two fields of system dynamics and soft OR would be mutually rewarding, and examples of soft OR tools are described along with some of the field's philosophical grounding and current issues. Expand
OR FORUM - High Leverage Interventions: Three Cases of Defensive Action and Their Lessons for OR/MS Today
  • D. Lane
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • Oper. Res.
  • 2010
Cases in which scientists developed a defensive system for their homeland: Blackett and the air defense of Britain in WWII, Forrester and the SAGE system for North America in the Cold War, and Archimedes' work defending Syracuse during the Second Punic War are presented. Expand
Systems Education at Bergen
The Bergen program and its impact on systems thinking and modeling throughout the world are described. Expand
Public sector applications of the system dynamics approach: [special issue edited by D.C. Lane, C. Bianchi and E. Bivona]
The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including one by Carmine Bianchi on understanding public sector from different levels and perspectives, one by Mauro Lo Tennero onExpand
System dynamics—a personal view of the first fifty years
I present a personal recollection of the history of system dynamics and observations about its present state. The article treats the history in two parts: first, my personal background and how allExpand
Jay Wright Forrester
Jay established system dynamics as an academic discipline at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and led path-breaking research applying system dynamics to critical business and public policy problems, from high-tech start-ups to urban policy and global development. Expand