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Gue St Editors' Introduction the Dual-use Dilemma Software Engineering Ethics in a Digital World

  title={Gue St Editors' Introduction the Dual-use Dilemma Software Engineering Ethics in a Digital World},
  author={Awais Rashid and John Weckert and Richard Lucas}
On the one hand, the digital world phenomenon improves accessibility of services and communal interaction, but on the other, it also raises several ethical issues relating to privacy, monitoring, data protection, and so on. Significantly , the features that make services or interactions in a digital world more attractive also have the potential to cause harm. The benefits of a digital world are obvious, but it also facilitates organized criminal activities such as pedophilia and terrorism, for… 


Ethical and Philosophical Consideration of the Dual-use Dilemma in the Biological Sciences
A taxonomy of types of “experiments of concern” in the biological sciences is constructed, and thereby map the terrain of ethical risk, including the impermissibility of certain kinds of research and possible restrictions on dissemination of research results given the risks to health and security.
Supporting Law Enforcement in Digital Communities through Natural Language Analysis
An approach to provide automated support for the detection of child sexual abuse related activities in digital communities is presented and an overview of how this approach can be extended to police chat and social networking communities is given.
Peer-to-peer: is deviant behavior the norm on P2P file-sharing networks?
The results show that a small yet particularly active subcommunity of users searches for and distributes illegal pornography, but it isn't a behavioral norm, and that such activity is widespread in the file-sharing population.