Guarding capital: Soldier strikebreakers on the long road to the Ludlow massacre

  title={Guarding capital: Soldier strikebreakers on the long road to the Ludlow massacre},
  author={A. Destefanis},
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The shadow of the revolution: South Texas, the Mexican Revolution, and the evolution of modern American labor relations
PAGE This dissertation examines the creation and evolution of the agricultural economy and labor relations of South Texas from the late Nineteenth Century to the Nineteen Sixties. The changing
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912 ★ THIS is the thirty-first supplement to Doctoral Dissertations in Military Affairs: A Bibliography (Manhattan: Kansas State University Library, 1972). Information on dissertations published in


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Political Response to Capitalist Crisis: Neo-Marxist Theories of the State and the Case of the New Deal
DESPITE all that has been observed since Marx’s time, as to the operations of elites, bureaucracies, etc., Marxists generally seek to reduce political phenomena to their &dquo;real&dquo; class
Reinventing Free Labor: Padrones and Immigrant Workers in the North American West, 1880-1930
List of illustrations and tables Acknowledgements Introduction Part I. The World Padrones Made: 1. Free land and unfree labor 2. Padrones and corporations 3. Defenders of contract Part II.
Struggles for Justice: Social Responsibility and the Liberal State
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