Guard cell wall: immunocytochemical detection of polysaccharide components.

  title={Guard cell wall: immunocytochemical detection of polysaccharide components.},
  author={Anna Majewska-Sawka and Agnieszka M{\"u}nster and Mar{\'i}a Isabel Rodr{\'i}guez-Garc{\'i}a},
  journal={Journal of experimental botany},
  volume={53 371},
The composition of guard cell walls in sugar beet leaves (Beta vulgaris L.) was studied by using histochemical staining and immunocytochemical detection of cell wall antigens. The findings were compared with those in the walls of epidermal and mesophyll cells. Probing of leaf sections with monoclonal antibodies against pectins, terminal fucosyl residues linked alpha-(1-->2) to galactose, beta-(1-->3)-glucans and arabinogalactan-proteins revealed several specific features of guard cells. Pectic… CONTINUE READING