Guaranteed Cost Tracking Scheme for Wheeled Mobile Robot with Actuator Saturations via T-S Fuzzy Model


This paper discusses the tracking problem of dynamic Wheeled Moving Robot (WMR) subject to nonholonomic constraints and actuator saturations. A constrained guaranteed cost tracking scheme for this problem via TagakiSugeno (T-S) fuzzy model is proposed, where tracking error dynamics of WMR is represented by T-S fuzzy model which are dynamic combination of several linear sub-systems, and then constrained guaranteed controller in the form of state feedback is derived for each subsystem by solving LMI based semi-definite programming problems. The overall controller then is constructed in the framework of PDC and the Lyapunov stability of the closed-loop system is tested finally. Simulation results are given and discussed to validate the proposed scheme.

DOI: 10.1109/FSKD.2008.455

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