Guanylyl cyclase is a heat-stable enterotoxin receptor.

  title={Guanylyl cyclase is a heat-stable enterotoxin receptor.},
  author={Stephanie Schulz and Charlotte Green and Percy Yuen and David L. Garbers},
  volume={63 5},
Plasma membrane forms of guanylyl cyclase have been shown to function as natriuretic peptide receptors. We describe a new clone (GC-C) encoding a guanylyl cyclase receptor for heat-stable enterotoxin. GC-C encodes a protein containing an extracellular amino acid sequence divergent from that of previously cloned guanylyl cyclases; however, the protein retains the intracellular protein kinase-like and cyclase catalytic domains. Expression of GC-C in COS-7 cells results in high guanylyl cyclase… CONTINUE READING


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