Guanylate cyclase activity and sperm function.

  title={Guanylate cyclase activity and sperm function.},
  author={Alberto Revelli and Dario Ghigo and Federica Moffa and Marco Massobrio and Ilan Tur-Kaspa},
  journal={Endocrine reviews},
  volume={23 4},
In species with external fertilization, the guanylate cyclase family is responsible for the long-distance interaction between gametes, as its activation allows sperm chemotaxis toward egg-derived substances, gamete encounter, and fertilization. In species with internal fertilization, guanylate cyclase-activating substances, which are secreted by several tissues in the genital tracts of both sexes, deeply affect sperm motility, capacitation, and acrosomal reactivity, stimulating sperm metabolism… CONTINUE READING
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