Guano: The White Gold of the Seabirds

  title={Guano: The White Gold of the Seabirds},
  author={Ewald Schnug and F. H. H. Jacobs and Kirsten St{\"o}ven},
The term “ Guano ” applies to natural mineral deposits consisting of excrements, eggshells and carcasses of dead seabirds found in almost rainless, hot-dry climatic regions and corresponding fertilizers. Guanos are classified according to age, genesis, geographical origin and chemical composition. Main types are nitrogen- and phosphate Guanos. Phos- phate Guanos require a calcareous subsoil for the development, while nitrogen Guanos are formed only under the special climatic conditions of the… 

Applications of guano and K2CO3 on soil potential-P, potential-K on Andisols

The source of phosphorus and potassium for plants, which commonly from inorganic fertilizer, can be replaced by other sources such as Guano and K2CO3. Guano is organic material rich in P and other

Spatial distribution of sediment phosphorus in a Ramsar wetland.

Some Perspectives on Vermicompost Utilization in Organic Agriculture

Over the past decades, agriculture has heavily relied on industrially produced inorganic sources of nutrients to fertilize crops for attaining the higher yields required to feed the growing world

Enhanced immobilization of uranium(VI) during the conversion of microbially induced calcite to hydroxylapatite.

Carbonate-bound uranium (U) is critical in controlling the migration of U in circumneutral to alkaline conditions. The potential release risk of carbonate-bound U should be concerned due to the

Earthworm Assisted Remediation of Effluents and Wastes

With the rapid population growth and wastewater generation due to anthropogenic activities, availability of freshwater is decreasing annually. Untreated wastewater discharged from the municipal and



"Stinky and smelly - but profitable" : the Cape guano trade, c.1843 - 1910

holes with zesty spicy sauce. The stinky tofu was crispy like pork skin on the outside, but steamy hot and silky smooth on the outside. The slight fermentation gave it the tiniest ammonia like

Rock phosphates and P fertilizers as sources of U contamination in agricultural soils

U concentrations were analyzed in a set of mineral fertilizers with and without P and compared to U concentrations in various organic fertilizers. Mean concentrations between 6 and 149 mg/kg U were

An environmental history of Latin America

Introduction: props and scenery 1. An old world before it was 'new' 2. Nature's conquests 3. The colonial balance sheet 4. Tropical determinism 5. Human determination 6. Asphyxiated habitats 7.

Guano and the Opening of the Pacific World: A Global Ecological History

List of illustrations Preface Abbreviations and acronyms Prologue 1. Introduction 2. The guano age 3. Neo-ecological imperialism 4. Where is Banaba? 5. Conservation and the technocratic ideal 6. The

Guano – Das weiße Gold Perus

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Kleckern und klotzen

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Guano als Stickstoffquelle.

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Organische Abfälle als Düngemittel

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Prüfung eines Guano-Düngers - Projektarbeiten am Institut Dr

  • Flad unter Betreuung von Prof. TU Clausthal: Dr. Georg Schwedt;
  • 2003