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Gsm Based Power Meter Reading And Control System

  title={Gsm Based Power Meter Reading And Control System},
  author={R. Sarangle and Jayen Modi},
The present system of energy billing is error prone and also time and labor consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing like errors with electro-mechanical meters, human errors while noting down the meter reading, and errors while processing the paid bills and the due bills. The home appliances which consume more power causes an increase in the payment of excessive bills. The remedy for all these problems GPMC(GSM based power meter and control system) is developed which… Expand
The present billing system of electricity which we are using is error prone and time consuming. It also requires man power for taking the readings of meter. Errors get introduced at every stage ofExpand
GSM Based Design and Development of Smart Energy Meter Using EEPROM, LCD, and Microcontroller
In this work, STM32F100RBT6B microcontroller unit has been used to continuously monitor and record the energy meter reading using External EEPROM and GSM technology and the software work is done using CooCox CoIDE. Expand
Design and Implementation of Smart Meter with Load Forecasting Feature for Residential Customers
A real-time GSM based smart energy meter, providing accurate measurement of power and cost calculation, better utilization of labor, portable and cost-effective, and Prediction of the next day usage of power makes the proposed system more unique. Expand
Smart Energy Meter for Load Control using Mobile Communication Technology
Design of Smart Energy Meter was achieved with Atmel microcontroller as the main part for evaluating consumed electric power and Power Factor (PF) and ADE7756 metering IC is used as input unit. Expand
Smart Meter with Load Prediction Feature for Residential Customers in Bangladesh
A load forecasting based smart energy meter offering an accurate calculation of the used power and cost, reducing the labor cost, efficient and cost-effective and forecasting of the following day power consumption makes the proposed framework more exceptional. Expand
Talking Energy Meter
  • Shikha Prakash
  • Computer Science
  • 2020 6th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS)
  • 2020
The idea behind this paper is to develop an energy meter that will be useful for the blinds and for the people who cannot concentrate on energy meter readings due to their busy schedule. A device isExpand
An IoT based Smart Energy Meter for the Idle Use of Electricity: An Industry Perspective
A smart energy meter to understand the idle use of the loads and control the loads remotely to assist the authority of the garment industry to be economical in power consumption and the amount of power wastage will be reduced drastically. Expand
Implementation of smart energy meter with two way communication using GSM technology
A single phase advanced energy meter based on a single phase energy meter IC, a microcontroller, and a GSM module is presented to develop an automated system by which monthly power consumption will be calculated accurately and at the same time the resulting unit will be sent to a remote receiver for further calculation. Expand
The present systems of energy billing are error pro ne, time and labor consuming. The Service Provider for energy uses conventional method for calculating the energy consumed by individual consumer.Expand
Smart Net Energy Metering System
  • R. Iu
  • Computer Science
  • 2018
This project will enable smart net energy metering by using GSM technology, user will not only able to view real time usage of energy but also will be able to sell excessive energy to utility which is produced in the vicinity of user. Expand


Design of an automatic meter reading system [electricity metering]
A microprocessor-based automatic electricity meter reading system is implemented, which provides cost-effective, reliable and interference free data transfer between remote meter reading units andExpand
Networked Remote Meter-Reading System Based on Wireless Communication Technology
A networked remote meter-reading system based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology and GSM is presented in this paper, which can be propitious to administer energy-source and continuous development have abroad application foreground. Expand
Design of a wireless ARM-based automatic meter reading and control system
This paper implements a wireless ARM-based automatic meter reading and control system (WAMRCS) for distribution automation. The WAMRCS is designed based on a 32-bit ARM microprocessor to deal withExpand
The technology development of automatic metering and monitoring systems
  • T. Chandler
  • Computer Science
  • 2005 International Power Engineering Conference
  • 2005
The next generation power monitoring systems include multilevel AMR with PQ monitoring with WIFI connection and intelligent monitoring systems that will provide the power usage data for AMR parameters such as PF, KVAR, time of usage. Expand
SMS-based Reconfigurable Automatic Meter Reading System
This paper portrays prominent features of a project, recently accomplished at Niroo Research Institute (NRI), which uses GSM/SMS as the medium of AMR, and has been designed for C&I meters. Expand
Design of integrated meter reading system based on power-line communication
In this paper, we introduce current status of AMR (automatic meter reading) in Korea and investigate IMR (integrated meter reading) system for electric, water and gas meter reading. This system adoptExpand
Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks and SOPC Technology
  • Liting Cao, Wei Jiang, Z. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 Second International Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems
  • 2009
The using of SOPC technology improves the agility of system, the IP core can be rebuilt according to the real needs of system very expediently and simulation results show that the method proposed is possible to implement practical application in the remote AMR system. Expand
Design and implementation of web services based GPRS automatic meter reading system
The model design and key codes based on the latest Java Web Services specifications JAX-WS are given and the architecture of web services based GPRS automatic meter reading system is designed. Expand
A Low Complexity Multicarrier Proposal for Medium Rate Demanding Automatic Meter Reading Systems
In automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, electrical utilities (EUs) have been exploiting their own infrastructure to bill their customers in an efficient and economical way using power lineExpand
Reviewing the Technical Issues for the Effective Construction of Automatic Meter Reading System
In this paper, we have reviewed the technical issues related to the effective construction of AMR system using Microcontroller, while enhancing our understanding about the challenges of designing,Expand