Gruppentheoretische Studien

  title={Gruppentheoretische Studien},
  author={Walther von Dyck},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},

Discrete two-generator subgroups of ${\rm PSL_2}$ over non-archimedean local fields

Let K be a non-archimedean local field with residue field of characteristic p . We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a two-generator subgroup G of PSL 2 ( K ) to be discrete, where either K =


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On structures of geometrically realizable triangulations on surfaces

Acknowledgments I (the author) would like to thank Professor Atsuhiro Nakamoto for his suggestions, careful reading and so on. Without his help, I cannot complete this thesis. Also, I would like to

On computable analogies between C*-algebras and groups

The classes of real and complex C*-algebras share significant similarities with the class of groups, so it is natural to compare them from the viewpoint of computability theory. With the group

Reflect ions on hyperbol ic space

In school, we learn that the interior angles of any triangle sum up to π. However, there exist spaces different from the usual Euclidean space in which this is not true. One of these spaces is the

Remarks and problems about algorithmic descriptions of groups

An algorithmic characterization of finitely presented groups, in terms of existence of a “marked quotient algorithm” which recognizes the quotients of the considered group is given.

The word problem for one-relation monoids: a survey

This survey is intended to provide an overview of one of the oldest and most celebrated open problems in combinatorial algebra: the word problem for one-relation monoids. We provide a history of the

The B B Newman spelling theorem

This article aims to be a self-contained account of the history of the B B Newman Spelling Theorem, including the historical context in which it arose. First, an account of B B Newman and how he came

Semigroup congruences : computational techniques and theoretical applications

Computational semigroup theory is an area of research that is subject to growing interest. The development of semigroup algorithms allows for new theoretical results to be discovered, which in turn