Growth yields of green sulfur bacteria in mixed cultures with sulfur and sulfate reducing bacteria

  title={Growth yields of green sulfur bacteria in mixed cultures with sulfur and sulfate reducing bacteria},
  author={Hanno Biebl and Norbert Pfennig},
  journal={Archives of Microbiology},
1. Dry weight yields from mixed cultures ofProsthecochloris aestuarii orChlorobium limicola with the sulfur reducingDesulfuromonas acetoxidans were determined on different growth limiting amounts of acetate, ethanol or propanol. The obtained yields agreed well with values predicted from stoichiometric calculations. 2. From mixed cultures of twoChlorobium limicola strains withDesulfovibrio desulfuricans orD. gigas on ethanol as the growth limiting substrate, dry weight yields were obtained as… CONTINUE READING
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