Growth retardation and leaky SCID phenotype of Ku70-deficient mice.

  title={Growth retardation and leaky SCID phenotype of Ku70-deficient mice.},
  author={Yi Gu and Katherine J. Seidl and Gary A. Rathbun and Cihui Zhu and John P Manis and Nienke van der Stoep and Laurie Davidson and Hwei Ling Cheng and J M Sekiguchi and Karen A. Frank and Patricia Stanhope-Baker and Mark S Schlissel and David B Roth and Frederick W Alt},
  volume={7 5},
Ku70, Ku80, and DNA-PKcs are subunits of the DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), an enzyme implicated in DNA double-stranded break repair and V(D)J recombination. Our Ku70-deficient mice were about 50% the size of control littermates, and their fibroblasts were ionizing radiation sensitive and displayed premature senescence associated with the accumulation of nondividing cells. Ku70-deficient mice lacked mature B cells or serum immunoglobulin but, unexpectedly, reproducibly developed small… CONTINUE READING