Growth-regulated oncogene is pivotal in thrombin-induced angiogenesis.

  title={Growth-regulated oncogene is pivotal in thrombin-induced angiogenesis.},
  author={Maresa Caunt and Liang Hu and Thomas S. Y. Tang and P. C. Brooks and Sherif Abdel Aziz Ibrahim and Simon Karpatkin},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={66 8},
The mechanism of thrombin-induced angiogenesis is poorly understood. Using a gene chip array to investigate the pro-malignant phenotype of thrombin-stimulated cells, we observed that thrombin markedly up-regulates growth-regulated oncogene-alpha (GRO-alpha) in several tumor cell lines as well as endothelial cells by mRNA and protein analysis. Thrombin enhanced the secretion of GRO-alpha from tumor cells 25- to 64-fold. GRO-alpha is a CXC chemokine with tumor-associated angiogenic as well as… CONTINUE READING


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