Growth rates of small cell bronchogenic carcinomas.

  title={Growth rates of small cell bronchogenic carcinomas.},
  author={Brian A. Brigham and Paul A. Bunn and John D. Minna and Martin H. Cohen and Daniel C. Ihde and Stanley Shackney},
  volume={42 6},
In reviewing a series of 144 patients with small cell bronchogenic carcinoma, 12 were found to have serially measurable roentgenographic lesions prior to therapy. Although caliper-based measurements and a silhouette cutout method gave comparable sets of tumor doubling time data, inter-observer variability was less with the silhouette cutout method. Tumor doubling times in small cell bronchogenic carcinoma ranged between 25 and 160 days, with a median of 77 days, a log mean of 81 days, and an… CONTINUE READING

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