Growth physiology of a marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium (Nodularia harveyana) in outdoor culture

  title={Growth physiology of a marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium (Nodularia harveyana) in outdoor culture},
  author={Benjamin Pushparaj and Elio Pelosi and Giuseppe Torzillo and Pietro Carlozzi and Angelo Sacchi and Riccardo Materassi},
  journal={Journal of Applied Phycology},
The performance ofNodularia harveyana, a N2-fixing cyanobacterium isolated from seawater, has been studied outdoors in two different culture systems: open pond (OP) and tubular photobioreactor (TPR). The productivity in both devices was influenced by areal density. The maximum yield obtained was 12.0 g (d.wt) m−2 day−1 in OP and 14.0 g (d.wt) m−2 day−1 in TPR in August, corresponding to the highest solar radiation received. In a month-long experiment with the cyanobacterium cultivated in TPR at… CONTINUE READING


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