Growth pattern changes of meningiomas: long-term analysis.

  title={Growth pattern changes of meningiomas: long-term analysis.},
  author={Satoshi Nakasu and Tadateru Fukami and Masayuki Nakajima and Kazuyoshi Watanabe and Masaharu Ichikawa and Masayuki Matsuda},
  volume={56 5},
  pages={946-55; discussion 946-55}
OBJECTIVE Although tumors are generally expected to grow exponentially, it is not known whether meningiomas retain a constant growth rate or not because of the lack of long-term follow-up. We analyzed the long-term growth pattern of meningiomas. METHODS Twenty patients with a total of 31 meningiomas were radiologically followed for 4.1 to 18.3 years (median, 10.1 yr). Seven patients (including two neurofibromatosis cases) had incidental tumors. Another 13 patients with symptomatic tumors were… CONTINUE READING

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