Growth pattern and age determination for Cecropia sciadophylla (Urticaceae).

  title={Growth pattern and age determination for Cecropia sciadophylla (Urticaceae).},
  author={Paul-Camilo Zalamea and Pablo R. Stevenson and Santiago Madri{\~n}{\'a}n and Pierre-Marie Aubert and Patrick Heuret},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={95 3},
Cecropia species, ranging from Mexico to northern Argentina and the West Indies, are pioneer trees that colonize cleared areas with high light. To determine their ages to help pinpoint the date of the area's disturbance, we need to understand their developmental and architectural changes over time. The simple architecture of Cecropia conforms to the model of Rauh; that is, it has orthotropic axes with lateral flowering and rhythmic branching. The axes are made of a succession of nodes and… CONTINUE READING
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