Growth of yeasts on D-xylulose 1.

  title={Growth of yeasts on D-xylulose 1.},
  author={P. Y. Wang and H. Schneider},
  journal={Canadian journal of microbiology},
  volume={26 9},
Nine of eleven yeasts of different species or genera grew in the presence of air on the intermediate of D-xylose catabolism, D-xylulose (D-threo-pentulose). Growth on this substrate was efficient as judged by the optical density in stationary phase being generally similar to that after growth on glucose. Yeasts which grew on D-xylose also did so on D-xylulose, but among those which grew are included several which utilise neither D-xylose nor xylitol: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomyces… CONTINUE READING