Growth of disc-like pseudo-bulges in SDSS DR7 since z = 0.1

  title={Growth of disc-like pseudo-bulges in SDSS DR7 since z = 0.1},
  author={Ankit Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Kataria},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Cosmological simulations predict more classical bulges than their observational counterpart in the local Universe. Here, we quantify evolution of the bulges since z = 0.1 using photometric parameters of nearly 39,000 unbarred disc galaxies from SDSS DR7 which are well represented by two components. We adopted a combination of the Sérsic index and Kormendy relation to separate classical bulges and disc-like pseudo-bulges. We found that the fraction of pseudo-bulges (classical bulges) smoothly… 


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