Growth of BaWO4 fishbone-like nanostructures in w/o microemulsion.


BaWO(4) fishbone-like nanostructures with fourfold structural symmetry have been successfully grown in w/o microemulsion. The BaWO(4) fishbone-like nanostructures have four rows of nanorods, epitaxially grown on the stem and perpendicular to the stem. The obtained samples are characterized by means of XRD, TEM, HRTEM, and SEM. It is found that the water… (More)


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@article{Zhang2004GrowthOB, title={Growth of BaWO4 fishbone-like nanostructures in w/o microemulsion.}, author={Xu Zhang and Yi Xie and Fen Xu and Xiaobo Tian}, journal={Journal of colloid and interface science}, year={2004}, volume={274 1}, pages={118-21} }