Growth kinetics of Thermus thermophilus

  title={Growth kinetics of Thermus thermophilus},
  author={Bernhard Sonnleitner and S. Cometta and Armin Fiechter},
  journal={European journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology},
The nonsporulating extreme thermophile Thermus thermophilus was grown in continuous culture at dilution rates up to 2.65 h−1 at 75°C and pH 6.9 on complex medium. Concomitantly very low yield (Y=0.12 g cell dry weight g−1 utilized organic carbon) and incomplete substrate utilization (always less than 45%) were found. In batch cultures T. thermophilus could be grown with μ max =h−1, in shake flasks only with μ max =h−1 with the same low yield and incomplete substrate utilization. Stable steady… CONTINUE READING


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