Growth hormone enhances thymic function in HIV-1-infected adults.

  title={Growth hormone enhances thymic function in HIV-1-infected adults.},
  author={Laura Napolitano and Diane Schmidt and Michael B. Gotway and Niloufar Ameli and Erin L. Filbert and Myra M Ng and Julie L Clor and Lorrie Epling and Elizabeth Sinclair and Paul D Baum and Kai Li and Marisela Lua Killian and Peter Bacchetti and Joseph M McCune},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={118 3},
Growth hormone (GH) is an underappreciated but important regulator of T cell development that can reverse age-related declines in thymopoiesis in rodents. Here, we report findings of a prospective randomized study examining the effects of GH on the immune system of HIV-1-infected adults. GH treatment was associated with increased thymic mass. In addition, GH treatment enhanced thymic output, as measured by both the frequency of T cell receptor rearrangement excision circles in circulating T… CONTINUE READING