Growth hormone and insulin during oxandrolone therapy of stunting

  title={Growth hormone and insulin during oxandrolone therapy of stunting},
  author={T. Danowski and C. R. Morgan and D. Mintz and G. Sabeh and R. Alley and T. Weir},
  journal={Clinical Pharmacology \& Therapeutics},
In a group of growth‐retarded children, generally of the constitutional type with height below the tenth or the third percentile, the mean increases in serum growth hormone ohserved between the ½‐ and 2‐hour points of an intravenous tolbutamide tolerance test were ab out the same as those recorded in a control group of normal children. Differences present in the 0 and 15 minute growth hormone values of the 2 groups were not outside the range recorded in control subjects. Also, the mean fasting… Expand
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Serum growth hormone and insulin in females without glucose intolerance.
In the absence of glucose intolerance, fasting blood sugar levels are significantly higher in nonobese women in succeeding age decades, and this upward trend with age is not evident in obesity but such women, compared to the nonobesity group, already have higher fastingBlood sugar levels when they are just in the third decade of life. Expand
Influence of nandrolone ((Durabolin) on the response of serum growth hormone levels to insulin hypoglycemia in females.
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Serum growth hormone levels were measured in 12 young healthy females at a fixed post menstrual period and there was no change in growth hormone response to insulin hypoglycaemia after treatment with the anabolic steroid. Expand
Effect of low dose oxandrolone and testosterone treatment on the pituitary‐testicular and GH axes in boys with constitutional delay of growth and puberty
Investigation of the effect of low dose oxandrolone and testosterone on the pituitary‐ testicular and GH‐IGF‐I axes finds no significant difference between the doses given to men and women. Expand
Die Androgene des Hodens in ihren Beziehungen zu den anderen endokrinen Drüsen
Schon der unterschiedliche Gehalt der mannlichen und weiblichen Hypophyse mancher Tierarten an Gonadotropinen lies im Hinblick auf die „feed back“-Beziehungen zwischen HVL und Gonaden die VermutungExpand


Studies of growth hormone secretion in children: normal, hypopituitary and constitutionally delayed.
The highest plasma growth hormone levels were observed after insulin, but the mean maximal levels in response to each of the stimuli were not statistically different from one another because of a marked variation in response. Expand
The arginine provocative test: an aid in the diagnosis of hyposomatotropism.
Comparisons have been made of the secretion of growth hormone (HGH) following the induction of hypoglycemia with insulin and that induced by arginine infusion to determine the reliability of the latter procedure in the diagnosis of disturbances in growth hormone secretion in children and adult patients. Expand
It is found that oxandrolone may increase vertical growth and that it did not accelerate skeletal maturation, and the decrease in serum PBI noted during its administration is accompanied by a decrease in the binding of thyroxine to Thyroxine binding globulin (TBG), presumably as a result of a decreaseIn the TBG. Expand
A comparison of the effects of insulin hypoglycaemia and arginine infusion on release of human growth hormone.
31 pairs of insulin-tolerance (I.T.) and arginine-t tolerance tests were performed in patients who responded with significant H.H.G.T. levels to one or both stimuli, and a diagnosis of growth-hormone deficiency was made if there was failure to respond to one test, unless the other test has also been applied. Expand
Alterations in serum iodine fractions induced by the administration of inorganic iodide in massive dosage.
The present study defines alterations in serum proteinbound or precipitable iodine which accompany such rises during the administration of inorganic iodide in massive doses. Expand
The serum growth-hormone response to hypoglycemia in dwarfism.
The serum growth-hormone response to insulin-induced hypoglycemia has been measured in control subjects and patients with dwarfism of various causes. The normal response has been defined and appliedExpand
Emotional deprivation and growth retardation simulating true idiopathic hypopituitarism
This paper presents the clinical records of 13 children, most of whom initially were believed to have growth failure on the basis of idiopathic hypopituitarism, who demonstrated remarkable growth acceleration without receiving growth hormone or other agents. Expand
Oxandrolone therapy in stunting and in ovarian dysgenesis
Therapy of stunted children with oxandrolone has been associated with probable acceleration of vertical growth in 11 out of 20 patients. This was generally not accompanied by acceleration of skeletalExpand
The purpose was to evaluate the method by investigating the optimum conditions for the color reaction, its specificity, and its correlation with the capon assay for androgens by evaluating the details of various modifications of Zimmermann's calorimetric method. Expand
A quantitative color reaction for cortisone and related 17,21-dihydroxy-20-ketosteroids.
Another test which appears to be specific for 17,21-dihydroxy-20-ketosteroids is added, based upon the appearance of a yellow color in solutions containing the steroid, phenylhydrazine, and sulfuric acid. Expand