Growth by the μ-PD Method and Visible Laser Operation of a Single-Crystal Fiber of Pr:KY3F10


We report on the first growth, spectroscopy, and visible laser operation of a single-crystal fiber (SCF) of KY3F10 (KYF) grown by the micro-pulling-down (μ-PD) method, doped with Pr3+ ions. This material has a cubic lattice, which makes it appealing for use in the industry. However, KYF crystals are considered difficult to grow with high optical quality, even with well-established methods. Nevertheless, we grew a 50-mm-long SCF of Pr:KYF, which was transparent in its inner part. We studied the spectroscopic features of it in comparison with existing literature and with samples of the same crystal grown by the Czochralski method, and we did not notice any large differences. These characterizations confirmed that is indeed possible to grow high-quality crystals of Pr:KYF by the μ-PD method. Unfortunately, the crystal proved to be more brittle than typical KYF and especially difficult to polish, leading to rough and irregular facets, as evidenced by transmission measurements. Despite these issues, we obtained continuous-wave laser operation in the orange, red, and deep red regions, using a sample carved from the SCF as active medium and an InGaN-based laser diode as pump source, though with lower performances than in existing reports on this crystal.

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