Growth and structure of carbide nanorods

  title={Growth and structure of carbide nanorods},
  author={Charles M. Lieber and Eric S. W. Wong and Hongjie Dai and Benjamin W. Maynor and Luke D. Burns},
Recent research on the growth and structure of carbide nanorods is reviewed. Carbide nanorods have been prepared by reacting carbon nanotubes with volatile transition metal and main group oxides and halides. Using this approach it has been possible to obtain solid carbide nanorods of TiC, SiC, NbC, Fe{sub 3}C, and BC{sub x} having diameters between 2 and 30 nm and lengths up to 20 {micro}m. Structural studies of single crystal TiC nanorods obtained through reactions of TiO with carbon nanotubes… CONTINUE READING


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