Growth and muscle protein turnover in the chick.

  title={Growth and muscle protein turnover in the chick.},
  author={Kosçak Maruyama and Milton L. Sunde and R W Swick},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={176 2},
The growth rates of young chicks were varied from 0 to 10% per day by manipulation of the adequacy of the amino acid and energy supply. The rates of protein synthesis in the white breast (pectoralis thoracica) muscle and the dark leg (gastrocnemius and peronaeus longus) muscles were estimated by feeding l-[U-(14)C]tyrosine in amino acid/agar-gel diets (;dietary infusion'). This treatment rapidly and consistently produced an isotopic equilibrium in the expired CO(2) and in the free tyrosine of… CONTINUE READING


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