Growth and methanogenesis by Methanosarcina strain 227 on acetate and methanol.

  title={Growth and methanogenesis by Methanosarcina strain 227 on acetate and methanol.},
  author={Mary Ruth Smith and Robert A. Mah},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={36 6},
Methanosarcina strain 227 exhibited exponential growth on sodium acetate in the absence of added H(2). Under these conditions, rates of methanogenesis were limited by concentrations of acetate below 0.05 M. One mole of methane was formed per mole of acetate consumed. Additional evidence from radioactive labeling studies indicated that sufficient energy for growth was obtained by the decarboxylation of acetate. Diauxic growth and sequential methanogenesis from methanol followed by acetate… CONTINUE READING
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