Growth and immobilization of tripterygium wilfordii cultured cells.

  title={Growth and immobilization of tripterygium wilfordii cultured cells.},
  author={M F P{\'e}pin and C. Chavarie and Jean A Archambault},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={38 11},
The plant Tripterygium wilfordii produces di- and triterpenes of interest for male contraception and treatment of arthritis and skin disorders. Cell line TRP4a obtained form this plant in 1981 was reported to produce these valuable compounds at yields ( approximately 0.04% of the biomass dry weight) higher than found in the plant (0.001%). In order to improve this production, studies were carried out to determine the feasibility of eliminating the troublesome component of coconut milk… CONTINUE READING